Writing an assignment is the hardest part of a student’s life. It is quite difficult to accommodate best-writing styles, format, vocabulary on a paper without any grammatical error. Unfortunately, many students fail to accomplish this. An assignment is something that does not only influence your grades but also influences your image in front of professors and other students. Assignment writing carries different aspects in it and considering all these aspects while writing an assignment will eventually produce a good assignment. Assignment help services are also available which guide students in assignment writing. So, let’s discuss the 10 best tips which you should consider for assignment writing.

Understand the topic

First of all, understand the true meaning of the topic. If you have some confusion or query do not start it. First, make it clear. Ask your professor for the actual needs of the assignment. Clear comprehension of the topic is the most crucial part of assignment writing. Your efforts are meaningless if you do not understand the main objective of the assignment.

Link your ideas and topic

Once you understand your topic completely, start linking your ideas and topic. If your ideas and topic are not linked then how would you collect the related information? Linking them makes easier for you to search the relevant matter. 

Draft an outline

Drafting an outline will give you the basic structure. What would be your chapters? What would be your headings and sub-headings? Note all the important points needed to define your subject and its importance. Structure your introduction and conclusion. This rough draft will keep you on your track and it will make your matter collection activity easy for you.


Find relevant information about your topic. Google it or read books. Start collecting your matter. Once you find sufficient information for your assignment, start evaluating it. Recheck it whether it is relevant or not. Without evaluation do not go further. You can also go for online assignment help for this purpose.

Organize your material

When you are done with matter collection activity, start organizing it according to your chapters and headings.


After organizing your material, start writing it. Be careful about the chapters and headings sequence. Use your outline. Try to write in a free manner and in your own words. Avoid copy-pasting for plagiarism free work. 

Referencing and citation

After writing your assignment, start referencing. Proper citation and referencing are very important as it reflects the authenticity of your arguments. Be careful about the referencing style. Keep it in a way as your professor asked you to do.


It is important to count the number of words. Wordcount should be in the given range. 

Edit and proofread

Once you are done with writing your assignment, edit and proofread it. Check your grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.  This takes time so be patient. It is necessary to take some break before proofreading it so that you can check your assignment with a fresh eye.


Before its submission, review it properly. Check all your chapters, headings, references, index, page numbering and other important features of your assignment. 

Writing an assignment is not easy but these tips will surely help you to write an assignment in the most appropriate manner.

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