The introduction of Coronavirus has put the whole world in a great mess. Covid-19 has hit the economic conditions of the world in an immense negative way. Due to the lockdown, businesses and marketing are suffering a lot. But at the same time, E-commerce is playing a very essential role in this pandemic condition. As the shops are closed and people are living a quarantine life, they are inclining towards online markets. Nowadays, online markets are the only option for people to fulfil their necessities.

Generally, it can be seen that during this pandemic situation, e-commerce is at a good spot but it is difficult to analyze the full impact of Covid-19 on the sales growth of the online market. In this article, we will see some e-commerce trends during this quarantine condition.

Let’s see the different e-commerce trend in these days of Covid-19.


Due to the social distancing guidelines and quarantine life, shoppers are turning towards online shopping. They do not have any other option as the shops and markets are closed. This inclination of shoppers towards the online market has developed an influx of online shopping. One study of assignment help in Pakistan shows that a 40% increase in e-commerce revenue can be seen since the US declared the emergency state. In Pakistan, shoppers are also buying online products especially those products which are the basic needs of everyday life. Although the apparel, jewellery, electronics are all down.


As the demand for online products has been increased, their delivery has become difficult to some extent. The reason behind this is the shutdown conditions. Due to the lockdown conditions, a shortage of material occurs. In such cases where the items have to come from some other country, people have to wait for many days. This demand and supply gap was increased when the lockdown was extreme but with its relaxation, conditions are better now.


An increasing number of online orders are not satisfying their customers and this situation is not good for other e-commerce companies. As the demand for the online market has increased these days so some poor working online companies are taking advantage of it. Their product delivery is not good as they offer to their customers and this practice is weakening the trust level of the clients. Companies having a good reputation are also in trouble due to these conditions.


As the lifestyle of people is changing due to this coronavirus, many online companies are considering it as a trump card. As they want to stay competitive in today’s world, so they are adding new products on their websites. For instance, some e-commerce sellers have added soaps and other hygiene products, medical supplies, or various DIY or self-care related products to meet consumer demands.


Social distancing, the issue of dealing with the crowd, and regular stock deficiencies have continuously disappointing customers. Customers avoid going to supermarkets and taking help from online stores. The online delivery service of groceries is booming. Online assignment help shows in its study that one survey conducted in march 2020 found that 1/3rd of those interviewed had used the online market for groceries in the last 7 days and 41% of those were using these services for the first time.


As the students are not able to go to their institutes, the demand for online writing services has also increased. Assignment makers are trying their best to facilitate the students and helping them in the best possible ways. Unavailability of teachers and no access to libraries have put the students in great trouble. But thanks to online assignment writing services which make the situation less problematic. Students are approaching these services not only for their assignment issues but also for their other academic help.


Demand for online tuitions has also increased during this Covid-19 situation. Students are unable to go to their tuitions centers due to lockdown. So they are turning towards online tuitions as they do not have any other choice. This increase in demand for online tuitions has opened the doors for many teachers and students who want some part-time jobs for their earnings.

The ongoing coronavirus condition is impacting everyone’s life. But when it comes to the business world, Covid-19 has made the business activities stopped. In this scenario, e-commerce and online market have become the need of people. Due to social distancing and lockdown issues, people are contacting online stores and services for the daily use products. Well, nobody knows that when this situation will become normal and people will resume their old lives. We all have to react in real-time to changing information and situations around the world. Just stay positive and pray to Almighty. Things will surely get better.


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