Education plays an important role in building up the nation. It makes the nation politically and economically stable. It brings political stability by making people realize their national rights and duties. It brings economic development by enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the people and seeks them moral obligations and duties, so they can play their part in society. Countries having an effective and stable education system become the leaders of the world in social and economic terms without any doubt.

Today Pakistan is facing a number of problems such as poverty, terrorism, insecurity, political instability etc. and all these problems are pop up due to the lack of awareness, tolerance and illiteracy, developed by the ineffective educational system.

In this article of the dissertation writing service, we will discuss the major flaws of our education system.


The biggest problem of the education system of Pakistan is the number of education standards and multiple education systems. The education in public sectors is of very low standard Characters when we compare it with the private sector. Furthermore, no standard education system is working. Matric system, inter-system, O levels, A levels, Cambridge, Federal Board, Aga Khan board etc. all these systems have confused the people that which one is good. Furthermore, these multiple systems working in the country result in conflict and social division. Education should be of one standard in all the institutes so that students can compete with each other.


Another big issue of Pakistan’s education system is less trained faculty. New techniques of teaching and materials to make lessons more interesting to the students have not been adopted. The shortage of teachers and more precisely shortage of good teachers is also a chronic issue. Although the number of teachers has been increasing gradually, still it does not match the number of students positively and we can find a big gap between the students and teachers ratio.


Gender discrimination is a big problem. We can see a big picture of gender discrimination in Pakistan. One study of cheap dissertation writing service shows in its study that the current primary school ratio of boys and girls is 10:4, which is a cause of huge concern.  The illiteracy rate was 23.3 percent for males and 46.9 percent for females. It is believed that Pakistan is among the most prominent states affected by gender discrimination. This issue not only damages the quality of education but also develops a big margin between the haves and not haves.


The allocation of funds for the education department is very less. According to the one report of dissertation help, the budget allocated to the education department is 1.5 to 2 % of the total GDP. It should be at least 7% of the total GDP. It is a fact that at this budget allocation, the illiteracy rate will grow instead of getting decreased. The federal and provincial governments should take steps to cut down their expenditures in other debarments and invest more amount of income on education.



In Pakistan, less attention is given to technical education. Less technical people means a low standard of education. In our history, numerous educational policies were introduced from time to time by different governments for reforms but it showed no results due to lack of implementation and inconsistency.


Another factor that contributes a lot to the poor education system in Pakistan is poverty.  Poverty restricts parents to send their children to public or private schools. Furthermore, fees of private sectors especially are going high and high. It is the prime responsibility of the government to make changes to financial infrastructure to improve the situation. Moreover, the Bank loans for education purposes should not be interest-based as it discourages the people of Pakistan to acquire loans. rates Throughout the world, Education loans are offered at low and it enables people to acquire quality education.



Regional disparity is another big issue. We can see that the schools and the educational institutes in Baluchistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan by area, are not polished and groomed as we see educational institutes in Punjab. So, the government should look into this matter of regional disparity so that all the provinces grow up at the same pace.

Education is the backbone in the development of any nation and the progress of any nation depends on the better state of their education system. Without education, no one can progress. The education system of Pakistan is facing many problems and these above-mentioned factors contribute a lot. The government should take steps to overcome these issues, otherwise, the nation will suffer a lot.


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