Poverty can be defined as the condition in which we have fewer resources or less income as compare to others within a country or a society. 36% of the world population lives in extreme poverty. In developing countries, nearly half of the population lives on less than 1.25$ a day. Pakistan is also a developing country and facing a lot of troubles to fight poverty. The essay writing service in Pakistan shows in one study that a 26% increase in poverty is seen in the last two years. There are several reasons which influence poverty such as moral culture, lack of education, division of agricultural land, large import scale, and many more.

To fight poverty, we need real solutions based on political changes and economic justice. Let’s discuss some of the influential methods by which we can fight poverty in Pakistan.



The best way to overcome poverty is to create well-paying jobs. To create jobs, the federal government should invest in job creation strategies. For instance, resources should be invested in developing renewable energy resources, rebuilding of the infrastructure, renovation of abandoned houses and making other investments that will create jobs.



Increasing the minimum wage will definitely help to fight poverty. The minimum wage in Pakistan according to the one study of academic help in Pakistan is 15000 to 17000 PKR per month. In this situation of high inflation, this pay is not enough. Running a family in this wage is quite difficult. Federal and Provincial governments should take some sensible steps to increase the wage of labourers.



Women and girls are living the life of absolute poverty in the majority of the 1.2 billion population of the world. They are not given equal rights in terms of education, health and job opportunities. In many firms, the pay rates of women are less as compared to men. A full-time female worker is earning 78% of every 1$ earned by the man. In Pakistan, this gender discrimination to have broadened the circle of poverty. If we close this gender wage gap, the poverty rate will surely be decreased. Actions should be taken to ensure equal pay for women for equal work.


Paid leave is a very significant anti-poverty tool. Employees who do not have paid sick leaves are in a miserable situation when they suffer from some kind of emergency. The government must ensure that organizations should give paid leaves to their employees who need a break due to their own illness, the illness of a family member or the birth of a child. Paid leaves are very important for the satisfactory mental health of an employee.


Flexible work schedules always play a great role in holding up the employees with an organization. Long working hours always push the employees to leave the job. Low wages and hourly jobs produce unpredictable and continuously shifting work schedules. This situation always put employees in a state of mess. Organizations should notify shift changes at least 2 weeks before its implementation so that employees can change their prior commitments. Also, if they do not notify in advance then organizations must provide guaranteed pay for shortened or cancelled shifts.


Lack of education is the major cause of poverty. Education facilities should be provided to the lower middles classes. Women are also facing education gaining barrier. Online essay help in Pakistan shows in one study that female literacy in Pakistan is 71.8% compared to male literacy at 82.5%. In many families, women are the earning hands and this lack of opportunities for them indeed increases the poverty rate in Pakistan.


Donation programs also help to reduce poverty. The government should develop some donation programs and pay the poor some amount monthly. The public can also put their efforts into this purpose.  Zakat is the most appropriate method for this. Your zakat can make major differences. Do not keep your only wealth with you. Following this Islamic rule is a great solution to this problem.

In order to fight poverty, we need practical solutions. The government and the public, both have to work for it. Inflation control is the most essential thing to eliminate poverty. More facilities should be provided by the government to investors to reduce unemployment. The use of modern techniques in agricultural sectors can also bring positive changes. Reduction in taxes and increase in capital formation is very necessary to decrease the poverty rate in Pakistan.

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