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Seeking education is an everlasting and never-ending life-long process that ignites the spark of curiosity in the wandering minds. Foundation of good citizenship is built on acquiring education and this lifelong process cannot be stopped. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected educational systems globally, leading to the near-total shutdown of educational institutions in an attempt to fight against the current health crisis. This closure of educational system is temporary but if prolonged can lead to disruption in the education process. Furthermore, the current situation of pandemic prohibits from acquiring education via conventional methods. But, keystone of advancement in education is online and distance learning, focusing to develop a global centralized learning ecosystem. When the light of education is dim then the society has to pay the consequences. Retrieved by UNESCO, 134 countries are currently implementing the scheme of nationwide closures and 38 are implementing local closures, impacting adversely about 98.5 percent of the world’s total number of students enrolled. Numerous efforts are made to limit the spread of infection and it demands enormous sacrifices. And the shutting down of education system was the decision of great sacrifice.

Similarly, the concern of rate of infection spread resulted in indefinite closure of education system in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In February 2020, the education system in the Pakistan was brought to an abrupt stop in response to the current pandemic.  This health crisis is the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two and it has the potential to create a devastating educational crisis that will leave a deep scar. In order to maintain the stability of educational system and prevent disequilibrium of society, education providers have launched eLearning in Pakistan to ensure that effective learning continues. Online education is serving as a quick fix to sudden closure of traditional education. This is the reason; many students are seeking assistance through online essay help for the submission of their assignments.

Even before COVID-19, there was already high boost and adoption in education technology but the arrival of COVID-19 has accelerated this process. This acceleration in education technology has enabled the students to learn in a flexible environment creating satisfied and enthusiastic learners. Education providers in UK are not only offering distance learning to their students. Educational institutions have designed distance learning and online courses that allow learners to study wherever they are, planning their studies around their works or life-styles. Students learn using comprehensive study elements and online learning resources that are formulated for active learning. Moreover, students have the flexibility to fit their online courses around their schedule and learn at their own pace. Also, charges for online learning programs are comparatively lower than offline programs. The combination of flexibility of online learning and offline academy curriculum give an unparalleled learning aspect that is internationally recognized. The subtle dissimilarities between online and offline learning are lack of discipline, assignments designed by professional assignment writers, no environment to study and learning is offered through scripted lecture outlines. Teachers cannot monitor  the mind and behavioral activities of students. Thus, this prevents education providers from offering students the privilege to explore new ideas and creativity. Online learning is playing a pivot role in imparting education and tremendous growth is seen in education technology.  The COVID-19 crisis clearly shows that all the lessons if implemented adequately then online learning processes can be the future of modern education. Furthermore, online education is playing a protagonist role in education sector building modern educational system. But the online and offline educational paradigms are solid and autonomous and both can offer high quality education when suitably implemented.


Huge majority of students in Pakistan lack the provision of broadband connection, home laptops and learning gadgets. In addition to that, a great of number students live in rural areas where there’s no supplication of internet connection. And a huge issue we all have to face in present scorching heat is the usual electricity outage; the usual load shedding. All these factors collectively are making the continuation of online education questionable.


The amalgamation of online and offline education methods opens an incredible possibility of re-invention of education in this digital era. Re-invention of education shall possess the virtue of open and easy access to all and fine quality of equity and relevance. Otherwise, whole education system will get upside-down.

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