Since the first COVID-19 case reported, strict and vigilant measurements have been taken by the Government of Pakistan and law-regulating departments. Talking about the current situation, all major cities of Pakistan are under lockdown. It depicts that all functioning institutions are closed in the country till unknown time period. Businesses and trade are shut down, markets have been closed, offices and educational institutions are closed as well. In a nutshell, the initiative of lockdown was implemented in order to control the rampant Corona Virus spread which has been increasing exponentially till now.

Current lockdown has been vital in restricting the unnecessary movement of general public, which is keeping them. Insignificant gathering for people regarding any cause has been banned no matter what the conditions are related to it. According to updates delivered by essay writing service in Pakistan, many wedding events and venues are cancelled from happening, and families are advised to shift their events to personal residencies attended by house members only. All food-chains, hotels, cafes and restaurants have been closed; only take-aways are available by some food-chains. Inter-city and international travel is not allowed and it is suggested to avoid travelling unless extremely necessary.

There’s barely any traffic seen on the busiest roads and highways of Karachi are providing the clear evidence that people are staying home and living a quarantine life. Photos shared by essay writing website shows how there’s not a single vehicle on roads in rush-hour. Indeed, such atmosphere has never been seen in Pakistan. Only those are leaving their houses who are supposed to visit hospitals, medical clinics or want to buy essential groceries.

But the present lockdown has offered many challenges to people from different backgrounds. Employees have shifted their work to home and are fixated to show the same productivity as in-house operations and working. Definitely, there’s a communication gap to be faced along with lack of resources and unstable internet connection. University students are attending online classes conducted by teachers but are helpless over the same incontrollable parameters and lack of assistance in assignments and homework. Current lockdown has also made many individuals go unemployed. Many companies performed downsizing as unable to maintain recruitment of employees due to loss of business. Labors, daily wagers or daily earners are in the most critical life conditions as there’s no opportunity to work in such horrendous conditions.

Many countries around the globe have been observing imposed lockdown but Pakistan is facing challenges of other characteristics.  There’s health care to be handled of infected people, there must be a provision of food supplies to all unfed and what strategies are supposed to adopted in order to stabilize the economy. According to the report presented by renown essay writers, we came to understand what strategies and implementations have been taken by government departments to tackle all these alarming situations.  Law and order, JDC and federal government have introduced their personalized plan of action to deal with their concerned situations.

In addition to that many citizens on their own are running food ration drive to help the daily earners and labors of the country. In another case, individuals and students of different levels are participating in distributing sanitizers and handwashes to the community who can afford to buy the additional stuff. People are selfless and showing humane demeanor towards unfortunate is all what we need in these times of uncertainty. They are taking part in reaching out to people investing their own finances, effort and hard work. The people of our country own the unbeatable spirit and are contributing their shared role to make situation bearable by everyone.

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