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We have strived for the betterment of students by giving them the rare combination of affordable price range and the matchless services. We have set our price range in a way that it is affordable for all students without carrying any extra baggage.





15 Days750 PKR850 PKR950 PKR
10 Days850 PKR950 PKR1050 PKR
7 Days1000 PKR1100 PKR1200 PKR
6 Days1200 PKR1300 PKR1400 PKR
5 Days1400 PKR1500 PKR1600 PKR
04 Days1600 PKR1700 PKR1800 PKR
3 Days1800 PKR1900 PKR2000 PKR
48 hours2000 PKR2100 PKR2200 PKR
24 hours2200 PKR2300 PKR2400 PKR
12 hours2400 PKR2500 PKR2600 PKR
6 hours2600 PKR2700 PKR2800 PKR

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Need assistance with payment procedures or any other query, we have customer support available 24/7. You can contact us on Facebook, WhatsApp and on Twitter anytime.