How The Lockdown Has Been For Pakistanis?

How The Lockdown Has Been For Pakistanis?

How The Lockdown Has Been For Pakistanis? Pro Essay Writing Service

The article is presented by our eminent pro essay writing service and is intended to provide useful insight into the lives of Pakistani people amid the lockdown situation in the country. 

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The lives of people all around the world have been utterly transformed due to the rampant surge of the coronavirus. Institutions, departments, and economies haven’t been functional in the same way as they used to be; in the short unimaginable scenario has become a reality. As the COVID-19 has hit more than 200 countries across the subcontinent, most of the countries observed an extended period of strict lockdown. The action was taken as a part of sequenced initiatives to curb the rampant surge in regions where the cases have been increasing exponentially. Since the month of May started, many countries have eased down the lockdown restrictions, in addition to completely lifting them in specific regions where the virus spread has been limited. Implementing the safer strategies of social distancing, quarantine measures, travel restrictions, and set of relevant regulations; many countries will move towards lifting up or easing down the lockdown restriction in the forthcoming days – reports pro essay writing service site. 

In Pakistan, since the start of February, cases of positive coronavirus started to get reported in the cosmopolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore; which eventually spread to other regions as well in a short amount of time. As the news of the first few cases surfaced and it got officially confirmed, all educational institutions got closed immediately all over the country, until any further notice. A colossal plan of action was launched on the state level in response to Coronavirus and instant strategies were set down in regard to deal with a situation. In the first few weeks, more cases got reported in the city of Lahore as compared to other regions of the country. Multiple quarantine centers were set up in the country, and tests have been conducted on a state level to ensure networked monitoring of the cases. 

Speaking of the lockdown situation in the country, let’s have a deeper insight into how it has been like for Pakistanis, what were the common demeanors regarding the situation and how are they still managing leisure. 

Note: The following description is a general opinion and doesn’t intend to offend an individual, community, or personal perception of a reader.  

  1. Panic Buying

As the lockdown for an extensive period was announced on the state level, citizens rushed towards the grocery stores and markets to grab their essentials; and to be honest it got a little crazy in there. In the immense hurry and getting freaked out, Pakistanis stored grocery items and everything they considered essential for their time at the home. Never be put in a similar situation before, naïve citizens moved towards ‘panic buying’ despite knowing the fact local grocery store, pharmacies, and other essential shops will remain open in the lockdown as well. It was in the month of March, that wave of panic and uncertainty engulfed everyone in the country, albeit the situation now is comparatively better than those previous times. And will get better In Sha Allah! 

  1. Remote Working

As the companies and functional departments transferred partially or completely towards the remote working paradigms, a huge majority of the workforce in Pakistan experienced home working for the first time in their careers. The transformational novelty brought many challenges and issues to be dealt with, however, the initiative was largely appreciated by Pakistanis as it helped to contain the virus to a certain degree in a region. pro essay writing service reported that sales of broadband devices, WIFI routers, and other gadgets dramatically increased before the start of the lockdown, as the individuals prepared themselves and made arrangements for the remote working. 

In the scenario of ‘work from home’, unstable internet connection, frequent power outages, devices crashing down are the common issues causing inconveniences and obstructions in smooth remote working operations. In addition to these facts stated, there are countless distractions that slow down productivity while working from home, however, the pre-pandemic level of work efficiency is being demanded from the employers. Pakistanis have adapted to the situation and are still dealing with all the issues that have resurfaced amid working from home. 

  1. Online Classes

Ask a student of any level around you, the sheer uninterested expression will tell you all about how online classes are going. Despite teachers and students adapting to situations of distant learning, there are still inevitable hurdles to overcome. This is indicating the situation of frequent load shedding, unstable internet connection, family interrupting ongoing classes (yeah, I’m exactly referring to all those similar YouTube videos about savage moms bashing teachers fearlessly :’). Watch one from Bekaar Films if you want to have a good laugh!). 

In addition to the arguments stated above, then there’s a horrid nightmare of online exams, which most University students have gone through or going through right now. And oh the experience has been categorically nerve-racking! Experts at the pro essay writing service company have uncovered that students have taken the online exams through camera monitoring them for an uninterrupted amount of time, and struggled to keep their presence amid falling internet and unforeseen power outage. Undeniably, it has been tough for the students in Pakistan, as it gets seriously challenging in summers to work or study in day hours due to unbearable, scorching heat; and if you’re living in Karachi, then there’s loads of humidity to add in your suffering. 

According to the recent updates, in the official meetings conducted, the decision about reopening all educational institutions has been reassessed and there’s a possibility that students are most likely to go back to schools in September.  

  1. Housebound And Bored 

And Pakistanis can’t avoid the boredom hitting them hard when their Instagram and Facebook feed is still the same after refreshing so many times. Naïve to the concept of quarantine and housebound life, it’s hard to stay energetic all the time when it has become so easy to fall into a slump. There’s so much downtime available – which we once craved so bad – that people are running out of things to do. Some of my friends have added pounds of extra weight because they eat when they have nothing to do; in short, they eat when they’re bored.  Kindly that is a red flag right there, and train your mind to avoid it at all cost – even when you’re bored. 

Instead, we can spend time in our self-care, self-improvement, getting fit, or learning a new skill. With this much amount of time in our hands, it should be put to good use leading to our own improvement. 

  1. Missing Their Old Lives 

Most of the population in the country still being housebound have been missing their pre-pandemic lives lately. The daily commute which used to drive every sane Pakistani nuts on their way to work, an evening of Karachi, night outs on weekends, movies with friends, and hanging out after terrible workdays; the memories are so many, which we all want to start reliving again. We have been missing our lives before Pandemic, and it significantly draws attention towards how much of a great thing ‘freedom of living’ actually is! Pakistanis have been voicing their opinions through social networking sites about what they think, feel, and how much they’re missing their old lives. 

  1. Their Surfacing Love For Ertugrul 

Now, it’s no surprise anymore that Pakistanis are utterly in love with a Turkish Series “Ertugrul Gazi”. From common man to celebrities, athletes to shop keepers and those friends of mine who never opted to watch Turkish content, are talking about Ertugrul, are loving Ertugrul. Wow, now nobody saw that coming for real! People in my country are enamored and moved by the storyline, depiction of Islamic values and history, characters, storytelling, action, and whatnot. Have personally come across Ertugrul Pappar (Snacks), newspapers covering stories about the developing interest of Pakistanis in Turkish content, and international media dedicatedly covering Ertugrul frenzy in Pakistan. The fanbase of Ertugrul has been growing exponentially over here, and marketers are targeting the same content marketing strategy to promote their brands now. We soon would be seeing the series actors cast for our eminent brand deals, merchandise, and more. Just wait for it!

  1. Volunteering

Since the initiation of lockdown in the country, the daily wagers, laborers, and small sellers have been suffering the most. With no work being assigned to them, they’re stranded in a helpless situation and are in need of instant help. A group of young individuals has been seen actively participating in the ration drive and distributing the safety essentials; such as masks, hand washes, and sanitizers. They’re spreading the word for the charity collection and bring responsible for the provision of needed items, groceries, and charity to those who are in need. We highly acknowledge that majority in our country is not privileged, there are many people who struggle to afford a single meal in a day. In trying times like these, people who are earning are taking care of the working class by depicting empathetic actions and behavior. And that’s what represents us Pakistanis, taking care of each other when the time tests us. Whenever there’ll be such a call, the world will find us standing strong with each other without any divisions. 

  1. Spreading Awareness 

Whoever has the platform, be it a celebrity, influencer, politician, or a common man, everybody is playing their part in spreading awareness regarding social distancing, quarantine measures, and safe practices. The series of events also caused renowned practicing doctors and physicians to join the ‘spreading awareness league’ as well, and they came out with their medical reasons behind every safe practice and measures that people are urged to act upon. Wise words and supported reasoning of the medical personnel created a vast sense of acknowledgment in citizens, and in return, people have been thankful for their services and assistance in crucial times all along.

In addition to the facts stated above, educational campaigns have also been running through all media platforms to get the message delivered each and everyone.   

  1. DIY & Home Chores

People are trying self-renovating and home-improvement techniques, for some of them it’s a Do-It-Yourself season. Staying at home, people have been trying painting their walls, improving their home garden, carrying out seasonal cleaning drives and more.  

And what a lovely sight to see husbands, brothers and dads participating in home chores or trying to help! As they are bound to stay at home most of the time, distributing the home chores, learning to cook, clean are totally those stuff that they should and must learn. In addition to that, this will also actively illustrate the realization from men in the house, that how much hard work and effort these mere tasks require; if they’re wrongly considering it to be the easy job! 

And there’s no shame in giving some time off to your wives, sisters and mothers; men must also learn to take care of children, cook, clean and all that’s on the list. 

  1. Hoping Things To Get Back To Normal Again

While working, studying and keeping ourselves updated at home, we have been continuously looking up for the positive developments in our cities; for number of cases to decline in our regions. Although lockdown restrictions have been eased down, but people are still avoiding the unnecessary commute, outdoor visit and rest of the activities as instructed. It’s true that we all have been facing dejected situation, it’s getting gloomy, and to be honest we all miss attending Shaadis, hangouts and eating out late night, but we all are hopeful that things will get back to normal again. 

We are a nation that have gone through hardest and the most trying times, and have come out stronger. We are hopeful that this shall pass too soon, In Sha Allah!

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