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Refund Policy

Proceeding with the ultimate practice to provide the best services, from our end to clients has increased our positive feedback to maximum. Coming across a complaint or dissatisfaction from our clients is quite scarce after availing our services. However, still for unfortunate conditions of such sort, we have framed out the definite rules for the application of our refund policy.

If the complaint you are filing lies under the context of any of the following rules, then by contacting out customer support team you can claim your refund.

Receiving order after the due date/deadline

Our people on job always try to depict utter professionalism by facilitating the clients. In a rare case, if order is being delayed then you should report it to our customer support team and ask for legit reasoning with confidence. If we fail to provide the genuine reason for the delay and you have experienced the loss, then we take the responsibility to refund your valuable investment. Kindly be specific regarding your submission deadline while placing the order.

  • Unfortunately, if your submission deadline has already passed, and receiving the order has gotten to be not beneficial for you at any condition we will provide the full refund.
  • In second case, if you have submitted the order even after the deadline has passed and ended up getting your marks deducted then only half of your total amount would be refunded. Evidence of the marks deduction is requisite particularly.

Order failing to meet your prescribed requirements

Our written papers always standout from the rest due to the amount of effort we put in their creation. We offer the supplementary revision services for your convenience. If we have performed the revision, fixing down all errors, then there would be no refund if you file for it.

Your filed complaint would be acknowledged if it meets the following condition/s:

  • If there is a claim of plagiarism in our produced order, with the genuine proof, we would provide a thorough revision. If there is no time left for revision due to strict deadline, we would provide the full refund or allocate the store credits.
  • If our created order does not meet your ideal level then we humbly request you to avail our revision services. We provide free revisions till 4 weeks, altering the clauses and information specifically of the order. And after availing our revision service multiple times, refund claim would not be accepted.
  • If the client is not satisfied by the revision department our Quality Assurance (QA) team would look into the matter deciding the amount out of total to be refunded. If the submission of order has already been done to the subject teacher, refund is not applicable.
  • In cases where clients are given the drafts of the order during the process of reaching completion, then it is the rightful duty of the client to point the issues and notify them instantly. The refund would be provided if the notified issues are overlooked and not fixed in the final draft. However, there would be no refund if all the mistakes are pointed out in the final draft of the order.

Order not being delivered

If by any unfortunate reason, order is not delivered on time, in addition to that customer support team remains inactive to answer your legit inquiry for two complete business days refund or store credit would be provided.

Issues regarding the double payment deduction

Observing technical glitches resulting in the double deduction from the clients would be undertaken seriously.

  • Encountering such a condition in which double payment deductions have been made, we strictly advise clients to report to our customer support department immediately with two receipts of the payments to receive the refund as soon as possible.
  • If there is the visible error from the payment company or during the process of payment method, the client would be advised to resolve the issue with the payment company to avoid such miss happenings in the future.

Cancellation of order

If you want to cancel your order, then the cancellation is required to be done within 24 hours after the placement to claim refund/credits storage. In a condition if the writer’s working has already started on your project then you have to accept the proceedings.

Unaccomplished to get your desired marks/grades

It is our declared policy that our functionality is responsible for the provision of well-crafted paper. We hereby do not guarantee a specific grade or marks. Your achieved grade solely depends upon the overall performance of yourself as a student in class.

Received a failing grade evidence is requisite in 3 weeks

Receiving a failing grade on the work we deliver you is a sparse case, but unfortunately if it occurs to you then you must claim a refund of your amount within the next three weeks along with the original evidence. We would provide you 50% of the total paid amount because our writers are paid in advance. Refund claim would not be acknowledged if a client fails to show the failing evidence within three weeks.

Refund Claim Method

Our customer support team is available around the clock to hear your complaints, refund claims and to perform relevant immediate actions. The refund claim must be reported within the next three weeks after receiving the order at all costs. We advise our all clients not to involve a third party for e.g. credit card provider, payment service or the legal authorities before reporting to our customer support department.

Refund Period

Period allocated to claim the refund is called refund period. The refund period initiates from the deadline of client’s order till the following three weeks. Claim reported after the three weeks time period would not be entertained.

Time period for refund confirmation

Time span of 48 hours is needed to confirm the filed refund complaint by our Quality Assurance Department for approval and proceedings regarding to it. After the confirmation of your filed refund complaint, payment would be made within the next 24 hours.


We strictly prohibit the action of chargeback and if observed such an act, we would set the client as blacklisted on our history and operational systems. Furthermore, we would deny our services to such individuals in future. In addition to that, legal action would be taken from our side if any individual is found taking unfair usage of our services.

Be aware that refunds are performed only if the above mentioned clauses are met and approved by Quality Assurance Department.

Full refund is the 90% of the total amount of the paid money while 10% is deducted in transaction cost, service charges etc.