Pakistan is a country with a lot of different cultures and people. Pakistani Culture is a combination of wonderful clothing, dance, songs, jokes, traditions, and of course food. Pakistanis are a food lover and this is the reason why the trend of street foods has increased in the past few years. You can see various food streets in every city of Pakistan. Especially, Karachi has become the hub of food streets. In this article, our writers of content writing service will tell you the most famous street foods in Pakistan.

Food is like a life in Pakistan, with places open up till 3:00 am in the morning you can pretty much get anything you want at any time. Every city in Pakistan has its own dishes which they are known for. More so, even certain areas of the city are known for separate dishes. Not just the cities, but the villages also have their own food culture.

Let’s discuss the top most liked street foods of Pakistan.

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Let’s start with breakfast and that too a Pakistani’s favorite breakfast; Halwa-Puri. It consists of fried flatbread made of flour that is flaky yet soft, chickpea curry or masala with chickpeas so soft that they melt like butter in your mouth, potato curry known as aalo bhujiya and semolina (suji) halwa made with lots of ghee and sugar. Almost every market, small or big, consists of at least one shop that sells steaming hot halwa-puris and some famous places have long ques on weekends and the stock is finished before noon. Whether it’s homemade or market bought, this delicious breakfast is loved by everybody.


In Pakistan, one can find Dahi Baray being sold by roadside carts, small eateries selling snacks, and even renowned cafés and restaurants because Pakistanis love dahi baray. A bara is a small, fried fritter that is made of gram floor or a blended mixture of moong and maash lentils. The baras are soaked in yogurt along with diced potatoes, boiled chickpeas, crispy poppadum, spices, chopped onion, tomatoes, and green chilies. You can add or subtract sweet, sour, and mint chutneys. From the first bite to the last, you can feel an exciting fusion of flavors partying inside your mouth that will keep you going back for more.


How our writers of a content marketing company can forget biryani to include in this list. Biryani is a mixture of delicious yellow rice and either chicken or beef. The rice gets its color from an assortment of spices and herbs, which also adds an incredible flavor. To top it off, it contains perfectly cooked lemons, tomatoes, and potatoes. Biryani is something that Karachi is famous for and is something that is loved by each and every Pakistani. It is the staple of the Pakistani cuisine and no family gathering is complete without it. Whether it is chicken, beef, or mutton biryani everyone loves it. Biryani is the epitome of Pakistani food culture. As Pakistanis love spices, so most of the people like spicy biryani with drinks.


Chicken lahori is a traditional Pakistani chicken curry hailing from the city of Lahore. It is typically made with chicken pieces that are stir-fried with a variety of spices, plain yogurt, onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes, and then simmered with water or chicken stock until the meat is fully cooked. Chicken lahori is usually topped with fresh cilantro leaves and accompanied by rice or naan on the side. This spicy chicken curry is a common Pakistani street food item and a staple in Lahori households.

Typical spices include turmeric powder, coriander, hot green chilis, black peppercorns, red chili powder, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, and garam masala powder. This flavor-packed curry can be enriched with potatoes for added consistency and a more filling meal.



Bun kebab is also known as anday wala burger (burger with pan omelet) and people in Pakistan love this particular snack because it’s minimally priced and yet very fulfilling. A typical bun kebab consists of a bun that is filled with a shami kebab patty, omelet, thinly sliced vegetables, and chutneys. Karachi is specifically known for its delectable bun kebabs, however, they are available throughout Pakistan from roadside stalls and side street vendors.


Nihari is one of the most famous stews in the entire country. It is served to guests on important occasions and contains meat that is slow-cooked and simmered in spices overnight. The cooking process allows the dish to absorb the flavorful bone marrow fully, creating one of the best-tasting meat dishes in the world.



Who does not like an icy treat on hot, sunny afternoons? The intense heat in Pakistan during summer times has made Pakistani a fan of gola ganda, shaved ice on a stick drenched in various flavored syrups. There are many variations where one can add/subtract condensed milk, canned fruits, dry fruits, and ice cream. Elders, as well as young ones, enjoy this sweet refreshment equally.


People all over the world are familiar with these two delicacies, pakoras, and samosas. A samosa is a triangular-shaped pocket filled with potato masala or any filling of one’s choice. A pakora is a fritter made using gram flour mixed with different vegetables such as onions, potatoes, and spinach. These two snacks are much loved as tea-time snacks. Samosas and pakoras are also commonly sold at roadside shops and carts



Our writers of content marketing agency have also included chaat in this list. Chaat is a term signifying a variety of Indian street foods which usually combine salty, spicy, sweet, and sour flavors. The name chaat is derived from a Hindu verb chaatna, meaning to lick, possibly referring to the finger-licking good quality of the dishes. Chaat dishes are usually small, consumed on their own, as a snack, or combined with other dishes to form a big meal. Throughout India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, chaat can be found at chaatwallas (street vendors), serving various dishes, from stuffed bread to deep-fried pastries with accompanying dipping sauces


Kheer is the most famous traditional dessert in the country. It is a rice pudding made of rice, sugar, and milk. It combines an assortment of nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, and cashews, as well as saffron and cardamom to give it an alluring tinge that melts in your mouth with each bite.


Haleem is a mixture of a variety of traditional staples used in Pakistani cuisine, such as wheat, barley, minced beef, mutton or chicken. It is a dish that takes a long time to prepare because the lentils and special spices need ample time to properly combine with the minced beef and create a unique paste that will delight the senses.

Pakistan has some of the most diverse and flavorful recipes in the world due to the infinite amount of special herbs and spices available, and each traditional dish comes with a deep history that connects it to a particular province. The versatile geography, ranging from deserts to the world’s highest mountain peaks, creates a wide variety of different types of recipes, each with a unique taste. In this article by our content marketing company, we have mentioned all the famous street foods in Pakistan.


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