Things to avoid during Corona virus surge

Things to avoid during Corona virus surge

It is a fact that coronavirus has shaken the whole world. Thousands of people have lost their lives and do not know the exact figure of those who are suffering from this virus. People have become isolated in their homes and businesses are shut down.
You must be reading a lot of information about coronavirus. Some of which are on the spot, some may be fake and some may change every day. In order to take you out of this confusion, the content writing service in Pakistan has compiled some of the important points that you must avoid during this pandemic.

Do not panic

First and the most important point is, do not panic. Be informed and be vigilant but do not be panicked. Panic can create more problems. Always try to remain composed so that you can handle the situation tactfully. Take care of the precautionary measures, be careful but do not spread fear as it can cause more problems.

Do not leave social distancing

Maintain social distancing. This is really important. Do not leave your home unnecessarily. Try to work from home. If you go out for some essential reasons, keep away yourself and your family members from close contact.

Do not forget to wear a mask

Always cover your mouth and nose especially when you are sitting with someone. This is also important to protect people around you if you are infected and do not have any symptoms. Before wearing a mask, first, clean your hands and a mask too.

Do not forget to wash your hands

Studies show that washing your hands with soap can remove germs more effectively as compare to washing your hands with water alone. So always wash your hands with soap for at least 20 minutes especially when you come from outside. Do not touch your face until you get your hands washed properly.

Do not forget the use of sanitizers

Make the use of sanitizers frequent. It is a fact that having a sanitizer to deal with this pandemic is imperative and there is no doubt in it. But it does not mean that you keep stocking sanitizers and buy every available bottle. You must consider the needs of others too in this problematic situation.

Do not store groceries

Countries are under lockdown conditions but the essential shops are opened. Furthermore online delivery of products is available. So do not start hoarding groceries. Content marketing agency shows in one study that due to the fear of lockdown, people have started storing groceries and essential items for the next 6 months. This is completely insane and a very non-sense behavior in this pandemic condition.

Do not be lured to plan a picnic

Educational institutions are closed. Many offices have given paid leaves to their employees and many are working from home. Apparently, this time seems to be the most appropriate time to plan a picnic or trip but it is definitely not. Keep practicing social distancing and stay at home. No parks, no malls, and no visits to the restaurant.

Do not be careless about your shoes

Be careful about your shoes. Do not place your shoes on the surfaces you touch and avoid their contact with purses, jackets, stoles, and items of frequent use as we do not sanitize the bottom of our shoes. Corona can sustain on the surfaces but do not know how long. So be vigilant about these things.

Do not shame people

As we all know that the symptoms of coronavirus are pretty common such as cough, fever, and cold. If you observe someone sneezing or coughing, do not call them coronavirus patient bluntly. Behave normally. Just ask them politely to get themselves checked and recommend them to keep them isolated until they get recovered. Do not circulate the humiliation around Covid-19.

Do not cough or sneeze openly

As the germs can transfer so cough or sneeze in your elbow. You may use some kind of disposable tissue while coughing or sneezing.

Do not stop exercising

Although the gyms are closed but keep exercising at home for good health. Fortunately, working from home has become so easier due to the different apps and online world. Many gym chains are working online too in order to keep their clients healthy and fit.

Do not let your studies suffer

Continue your studies and other academic tasks. Although students are taking online classes and doing online tasks but they are not that much serious. Unavailability and no access to libraries have made work difficult. But, online assignment help in Pakistan is facilitating students in the best possible way to align them with their studies.


No doubt that coronavirus is affecting the whole world with each passing day and people are suffering a lot. But if we follow these tips we can get through this condition with fewer causalities and fewer infections. Please avoid forward these precautionary measures to others so that they can follow them.

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