The most important moment in the life of the students is when they choose their field of study. Because the field they choose makes their career path. In developing countries like Pakistan where the unemployment rate is high, the selection of field matters a lot. Indeed, career choice is the turning point in the life of any person. In this modern era, many new fields are emerging as per the requirement of time and people are inclining towards new professions. But still, some professions are evergreen and always remain on the top. Therefore, it is very important for the students that they choose their career field very wisely. In this article, the dissertation writing service will tell you the best career fields one can choose in Pakistan.


No doubt, the business administration degree has a great scope in Pakistan. In Pakistan, it is known as BBA and MBA. Its demand can be found in any organization whether it is big or small. Furthermore, engineering and medical students prefer to do their masters in management so that they can turn towards the corporate side. Business administration students can do specialization in different fields including Banking, Finance, Accounting, and human resource management (HRM).  

Many jobs are available for business students such as project manager, bank manager, marketing and sales manager, purchasing manager, etc. Moreover, business students are good at thesis or dissertation writing as compare to the students of other fields. So they can offer their services to other students in this matter.



Medical-related fields are considered as the most respectable and top career. The medical field is not limited to MBBS only. Physicians, Dentists, pharmacists nowadays are in high demand. One can also go for professional physiotherapists, surgeons, anesthesia specialists, audiologists, radiologists, and other healthcare jobs.  

In terms of earning, you can have a pretty handsome amount of salary in the medical field. In Pakistan, the healthcare department is expanding well. Therefore, dedicated and experienced people are required in this sector to entertain the citizens with the most advanced and up-to-date facilities.


The engineering profession is one of the leading and eminent professions from the beginning and in great demand. Engineering is a vast field that has a lot of options and one can build up his/her career in any engineering field. A lot of hard work and revolution is needed in this field. If you want to become a successful engineer, you have to very dedicated and passionate about your work.

In this profession, you can get a pretty good amount of salary. Experience plays an important role in this field.  In the engineering profession, the amount of salary depends upon your experience and projects that you have completed. In short, the engineering field comes under the umbrella of leading professions in Pakistan. More specifically, professionals can earn a lot on the industrial side.


In the past few years, the fashion and textile sectors have made a lot of progress. That’s why the demand for fashion and textile designers has increased in Pakistan. the textile industry is an emerging industry in Pakistan and many career options are available in this field. For instance, a textile designer can be appointed in garment designing, cloth fabric designing, fashion designing, etc.

The education in this field is a little expensive as compare to other fields but you can secure a good job in any textile industry. Moreover, you can also start your own business once you have a degree in this field.


Accomplishing a chartered accountant (CA) degree is not easy and it needs a lot of effort indeed. But this degree opens many career paths for you. You can get a place in the top leading levels of accountancy, finance, or business.

Fresh and skillful qualified accountants having an interest in the fields of research, quality control, and technical matters are in great demand nowadays. CA is taken as the highly recommended and respected qualification and if you are good at accountancy you can earn a handsome salary for surely.



Ph.D. dissertation writing service shows in one study that airlines hire about 2.5 million workers so there is a greater chance of getting a good job position in this field. This makes the aviation sector one of the leading professions.

In the past years, the leading airline industries were administered by the government only. But now the scenario has changed. Many private airlines are also operating. In this way, the aviation sector is expanding in Pakistan. New airlines are appointing staff for their aircraft and the salaries they are offering are very appealing.

A professional degree is like an entrance pass that provides entry to the students in certain professions. In Pakistan, choosing a career path is not easy but all the above-mentioned degrees have a great scope. Keep it in mind that having a degree is not enough. To become a successful person, you have to do a lot of struggle. Without the struggle and dedication, your degree is just a piece of paper.

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