Pakistan is a developing country and facing the issue of unemployment for decades. The major cause of the high rate of unemployment is the wastage of resources which leads to the decrement in the income of people. The unemployment issue is growing rapidly in Pakistan due to which many crimes are taking place.

We see that irrespective of what the educational degree people have, they remain idle for a long period of time. People even face problems in finding the jobs of clerks in schools or in ordinary offices. This condition of unemployment is developing the state of depression and a poor education system is one of the main reasons behind this state which is running the government.

It is a hard reality that parents spend a huge amount of money on their children’s education, but the jobs are very rare. Unfortunately, a cool response is shown by the government on this issue as our politicians are always busy in filling up their pockets with our paid taxes. There are many reasons behind this unemployment in Pakistan, but the major ones are discussed in this article of content writing service.

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The education system of Pakistan very bad and we see a number of education systems in Pakistan. There should be one type of education system so that the educational standard remains the same throughout the whole country. Furthermore, education is not accessible to everyone. One study of content writing company shows that only 44% of children between the age of 5 to 16 go to school and the remaining 56% does not even get a basic education.  Furthermore, due to the injustice, many talented students leave their studies. Numerous institutes are just selling the degrees having no worth. Sadly, the government is aware of this situation but does not take any action. This education system has to be made valuable and strong to fight this issue of unemployment.


The culture of nepotism can be seen everywhere in Pakistan. Irrespective of the fact, whether you are looking for a job in the private sector or public sector, the culture of Nepotism (Sifarish) exists there. People get a job on references instead of merit. People who are skilled and hardworking, find it difficult, or even do not find a job because they have no strong reference. This social issue is one of the huge reasons behind this unemployment. Such kind of favored dealing should be eliminated from Pakistan and Jobs should be given on merit basis.


Pakistan is facing a financial crisis and the dollar rate is increased rapidly because of the insufficient balance of payments. In this condition, the Pakistan stock exchange is also facing a downfall. The labor demand has also decreased and the industrial sector is accommodating only a limited number of people due to the backwardness. This leads to insufficient growth in the industrial sector as there is no enough capital and investment to build new industries in a country. Less collection of taxes also hinders the government of Pakistan to establish new factories and industries in the country.


Terrorism is another major cause of unemployment in Pakistan. Since the last many decades Pakistan is facing a terrible situation of terrorism, especially in Karachi which is a center of business activities. Foreign investors fear investing in Pakistan and thus this leads to fewer opportunities for employment. But now this terrorism situation has become better by the grace of Allah Almighty and foreign investors have started investments like we see many new automobile companies are building their industries in Pakistan



The government of Pakistan has to take many steps to reduce the unemployment rate in Pakistan. First of all, proper planning is necessary for this matter. The education system should be one in the whole country and it should be reasonable so anyone can afford it. Well recognized training and technical institutions are required to be established where skills programs are offered. The culture of nepotism must be eliminated and jobs should be given purely on merit. Attention must be given to the agriculture sector along with the industrial sector. Last but not the least, there should be peace across the country so foreigners will not hesitate to invest in Pakistan.



Seeking the jobs in Pakistan has become a great problem especially among the youth and freshers. Due to the high rate of unemployment, the living standard has dropped and people are unable to fulfill their basic necessities. Not only educated persons of Pakistan, but also the labor class is going through a hard time in searching for jobs in Pakistan and their daily life has become miserable. All these factors which are mentioned above are the main reasons behind this unemployment. It is the responsibility of the government to look into this matter very seriously and immediate actions are required to reduce this unemployment rate.

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